NEMO at RightsCon 2023

Press release

RightsCon is one of the largest conferences at the intersection of human rights and digital rights. It has been organized by AccessNow since 2011 and draws thousands of participants and speakers from around the world.

RightsCon 2023 took place in San Jose, Costa Rica, and among the attendees were four of the five founding members of NEMO: Confidencial, Meduza, MeydanTV, and Zamaneh Media were present in person.

Digital Rights

Meduza and Zamaneh Media co-facilitated a session on peer-to-peer content sharing. the workshop-styled session was designed to receive inputs from the participants on what publishers can and should do to keep news available to their readers under censorship and during Internet shutdowns. Topics discussed ranged from user needs, design choices, use cases of p2p content sharing, and the responsibility of the publisher to deliver uncensored news. Focus was also put on ways in which news consumers can be incentivized to participate in p2p content sharing.

Journalistic Freedom

Panelists from La Voz de Guanacaste, Interferencia, and Confidencial discuss how to start and maintain a collaborative journalistic project over the years.

Confidencial co-hosted two sessions. One called ‘Collaborative Gourmet Journalism Recipes with Central American Flavour’, focused on tips and tricks to set up collaborative journalism projects and alliances together with different types of media outlets. At this session, the panelists shared their experiences doing similar efforts, as well as best practices that they have picked up on the way. The other panel was on finding innovative solutions to strengthen exile journalism, where Confidencial shared their story.


Zamaneh Media hosted an online workshop on using grassroots petitions to strengthen online advocacy. The workshop was focused on identifying creative ways in which grassroots advocacy can be encouraged and used by CSOs for international advocacy.