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  • Network launch

    Network launch

    “Exiled media is not just a trend” Exiled media outlets around the world have been serving people in repressive environments with independent, fact-based news for decades now. From Myanmar to Iran, from Nicaragua to Azerbaijan, from Sudan to Russia, from Belarus to Syria… and many more. Exiled media’s value to the world goes beyond making…

  • Ep 5: Funding and Bureaucracy

    Ep 5: Funding and Bureaucracy

    Matt Kasper (Meydan TV, Azerbaijan) hosts Joris van Duijne (Zamaneh Media, Iran)  to discuss issues exiled media are facing in the development sphere and how they can be improved, such as the eligibility problem that exiled media outlets often run into.

  • Ep 2: Reporting from Abroad

    Ep 2: Reporting from Abroad

    Matt Kasper (Meydan TV, Iran) hosts Ivan Kolpakov (Meduza, Russia) to speak about how journalists in exile can continue to produce quality content despite no longer being physically present in the country of their audience.