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  • Lessons in Membership Model for exiled media

    Lessons in Membership Model for exiled media

    Cinthia Membreño, from Confidencial (Nicaragua), shared her experience in building a membership model, in a conversation with NEMO member, Zamaneh Media.

  • NEMO at RightsCon 2023

    NEMO at RightsCon 2023

    RightsCon is one of the largest conferences at the intersection of human rights and digital rights. It has been organized by AccessNow since 2011 and draws thousands of participants and speakers from around the world. RightsCon 2023 took place in San Jose, Costa Rica, and among the attendees were four of the five founding members…

  • Op-Ed on DVB: ‘Exiled Media Unite’

    Op-Ed on DVB: ‘Exiled Media Unite’

    This piece was written by Ole Chavannes on the website of Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) on the 26th of April, 2023. “Harsh and tyrannical laws are worse even than a fierce tiger”, wrote Confucius around the year 500 BC in the The Book of Rites. The Chinese philosopher and politician was forced by a neighboring…

  • Network launch

    Network launch

    “Exiled media is not just a trend” Exiled media outlets around the world have been serving people in repressive environments with independent, fact-based news for decades now. From Myanmar to Iran, from Nicaragua to Azerbaijan, from Sudan to Russia, from Belarus to Syria… and many more. Exiled media’s value to the world goes beyond making…