Network launch

Press release

“Exiled media is not just a trend”

Exiled media outlets around the world have been serving people in repressive environments with independent, fact-based news for decades now. From Myanmar to Iran, from Nicaragua to Azerbaijan, from Sudan to Russia, from Belarus to Syria… and many more.

Exiled media’s value to the world goes beyond making news available to those who would otherwise lack it. It is an act of rebellion, rebellion against complacency, rebellion against being silenced, rebellion for a better, equal, democratic world.

In the same spirit, NEMO—Network of Exiled Media Outlets—is being launched today. A network ‘of’ and not ‘for’ exiled media outlets. A network that supports each other, learns from one another, creates a safe space for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Borne out of sheer passion and the desire to empower the exiled media landscape NEMO, at the moment, is a five member network constituting of Zamaneh Media (Iran), MeydanTV (Azerbaijan), Confidencial (Nicaragua), Meduza (Russia), and Democratic Voice of Burma (Myanmar).

The public launch of NEMO is at the International Journalism Festival (IJF), 2023.

We, NEMO, aspire to make the network a tool for support, exchange, and collaboration for the entire exiled media landscape. Because, together, we are stronger.